10 Steps to
Modern Shredding

The Complete 10 Week Shred Guitar Course


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40 instructional videos, 15 exclusive jamtracks, 72 page course workbook and much more

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Finally learn how to shred and develop a super-fast and clean technique!



You can contact Bernth via email during these 10 weeks to ask for personal feedback

You don't make any progress in learning sweep picking, fast speed picking runs or difficult tapping parts?

Learning a new technique can be difficult – that's why every chapter starts with the basics. You get access to the exercises that made it possible for Bernth to master these techniques. Every exercise also has a melodic context so you can use what you learn for your own music. After learning the basic technique, you get to check out useful practical examples Bernth composed exclusively for this course.

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How does 10 Steps to Modern Shredding work?

You get the first tutorial videos right after you sign up. Each week, 4 more instructional and workout videos will be unlocked in your membership zone. After 10 weeks all 40 videos will be unlocked and you can watch them over and over again (lifetime membership).

What makes this online course special and so different from other learning programs or guitar DVDs?

Since you see everything Bernth plays on screen (tabs and standard notation), it's way easier to stay on track, stay focused and improve on a daily basis.

The course also works with every single aspect of virtuosic guitar playing, both technique and theory. Most other courses only work on one of these topics.

Foot techniques

Have you spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials or guitar DVDs without significantly improving your technique or theory knowledge?

10 Steps to Modern Shredding offers you a complete overview of professional guitar playing. When you learn about arpeggios, you need excellent knowledge about chords first to fully understand this topic. If you want to write a complex tapping phrase, you need to know about the modes or exotic scales you could use for your piece of music.

Included Bonus Features

Jamtrack Bundle

This course includes 15 high-quality backing tracks. With these downloadable songs, you will experience the sound of exotic scales and learn how to use them in a practical context! That way, it will be easy to structure an efficient practice plan for your scales.

Course Workbook Bundle

You will find every single exercise and demonstration transcribed in the included 72-page course workbook, with additional information concerning music theory and more. This course workbook is designed as a step-by-step guide to assist you throughout the entire 10-week course.

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